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Toll Free: 800-870-0049

Direct Line: 501-327-2834

Fax Line: 501-327-6663

35 Years of accounting and financial experience in public accounting and private industry. Experience in auditing and financial reporting for a wide range of companies and organizations. Also significant experience in individual and corporate taxation.

This firm has experience in auditing programs funded by the State of Arkansas and the Federal Government, as well as other companies .

Since 1986


Individual Returns - $100 Minimum

With Children - $125 Minimum

With Itemized Deductions - $175 Minimum

With Small Business - $200 Minimum

With Farm Schedule - $200 Minimum

Corporations/Partnerships - $250 Minimum

**Prices will vary with additional schedules for interest and dividend income, investment activity, college tuition, child care, EIC, etc. Also we will charge hourly rates for compiling information.

Let us help you realize your goals. Contact us today.

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